We’re talking about good governance.

Matt is frequently called upon to speak at conferences, management retreats and other events on issues related to governance, decision-making and board dynamics.

Scroll down for more information on some of Matt’s most popular talks:

Your boardroom is working against you (as in, the actual ROOM)

Nearly every boardroom is laid out the same, with everyone sitting around the same big table facing each other. If that were a good layout for presentations, conversations, and making decisions, why aren’t other rooms laid out the same way?

Turns out the problem is that boards are just creatures of convention and habit. In this session, Matt will help you understand how your boardroom is working against you, and what you can do to make things better without throwing out all your furniture.

Define “good governance” in 10 seconds (using only simple words)

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and you can’t measure what you can’t define. So give it a shot - what is “good governance”?

In this session, Matt Fullbrook offers some answers for you to consider, and illustrates why conventional approaches to corporate governance might make “good” impossible to achieve.

Your next board meeting could be “awesome" (seriously!)

When was the last time you had a board meeting you would describe as “awesome”?

Awesome doesn’t necessarily mean fun or easy, but engaging and constructively disruptive. In this session, Matt Fullbrook explains why every board meeting can and *should* be awesome. Otherwise why bother having the meeting in the first place?

Even better, you will leave with specific ideas that you can apply right away to make your next board meeting your best one ever.

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