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Founded by Matt Fullbrook, Fullbrook Board Effectiveness offers advisory, facilitation and education services to boards and executives in all sectors. We combine over 20 years’ experience in 250+ boardrooms with an up-to-the-minute awareness of current issues facing directors.

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Matt Fullbrook has spent over 20 years gathering data and conducting research on governance as an academic, and working with boards and senior managers all over the world as a consultant.

One of the key insights from Matt’s work is that the “tangible” parts of governance - regulations, by-laws, mandates, and so on - are complex, but learning them only takes time.

But conversely, the “intangible” parts - relationships, conflicts, personalities - present roadblocks to good governance and are rarely fully understood, even by the most experienced directors and executives.

Fullbrook Board Effectiveness was founded to work with boards and directors on strategies to achieve true excellence in decision making by understanding both the tangible and the intangible.