Governance matters.

Matt Fullbrook is a corporate governance researcher, educator and enthusiast who has advised over 250 boardrooms across North America. He also hosts the One Minute Governance podcast and leads Ground-Up Governance, a multimedia platform devoted to making governance more accessible.


Ground-Up Governance

An encyclopedia crossed with a graphic novel. A podcast. A video platform. Ground-Up Governance is this and more, 100% dedicated to good governance. There’s nothing else like it.


One Minute Governance

Are you a director, senior executive, investor, or someone who‘s just curious about corporate governance? Tune in for insights about how things work inside and outside the boardroom. Each episode lasts about one minute.

consulting firm

Fullbrook Board Effectiveness

Fullbrook Board Effectiveness is one of Canada’s leading corporate governance consulting firms, with over 250 clients encompassing every major industry.



Matt (on the right) is a member of KCLR, an original funk band based in Toronto. KCLR has toured Europe and North America, produced numerous music videos, and released seven studio albums.

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