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Ground-Up Governance serves to explore corporate governance from its most basic principles to the most complex issues facing directors today. Our multidisciplinary approach combines interviews, videos, illustrations and the written word. All for just $5 per month.

"With Ground-Up Governance, Matt continues to be a potent force in the corporate governance world by making the complex super simple and getting us all - including us so-called experts - to question our knowledge and understanding."

Paul Smith, Founder, Future Directors Institute

Corporate governance can be stressful.

Complex, boring jargon blares non-stop.

What if there was a way to make it fun?

Step-by-step tools for exploring governance

Challenge preconceived notions of corporate governance, starting from square one, with multimedia content directed by one of Canada’s leading authorities in the space.

Tune in to conversations with inspirational guests.

Paid members of Ground-Up Governance receive exclusive access to Sound-Up Governance, our long-form interview platform. Past guests include academics, soldiers, and executives, with many more planned for the future.

Some of our awesome guests

Nick Chambers

Lt. Col. Jamahl Evans

Lisa Oldridge

Tiziana Casciaro

Andrew Escobar

Wanda Lopuch

Robin Cardozo

Rosario Astuvilca-Rojas

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